Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mock Newbery 2012: Starting Soon

So, I get an iPad 2 for my 11th birthday (on March 25) from my parents and grandparents.  As soon as I learn how to download books I am going to start reading Mock Newberys on it.  I have had a hard time getting the new books this year because none of them are at any of the libraries I go to (the one advantage of not having library service is you get to buy cards to lots of different libraries).  This means I now need book suggestions.  If you have heard of any new books that might be considered, please let me know.  And I especially need suggestions for good books that are available on EReaders.  I look forward to hearing the books you recommend!


  1. Woah, an iPad2 - you lucky dog! I think you've probably heard all the rumblings on Gary Schmidt's Okay for Now, but that comes out in April (no idea of ebook status). I tried to read Small Persons with Wings but couldn't get into it. I'm a big slacker this year!

    On a different notes, did you know that our birthdays are 1 week apart? Mine is April 1... very fitting, isn't it?
    -Sam B from Cincinnati

  2. Try out a few titles from my friends: THE YEAR WE WERE FAMOUS, by Carole Dagg (debuting in May), SPARROW ROAD, by Sheila O'Connor (debuting in May), and WITH A NAME LIKE LOVE by Tess Hilmo (debuting in September).

  3. Great suggestions, I'll check these out!

  4. Hi Laura, this is Jane - I am a new children's author and have released two titles out of a series of 10 titles on iPad. Your a little old for my books but as your such a avid reader I would welcome your opinions.

    The Great Snail Race, A Story About Little Tilly 2

    A Very Busy Week, A Story About Nurse Trixie 6

    There is also a third title that is currently in the review stage by Apple
    and we expect that to go on sale in the app store around the 24th of March.

    The Harvest Festival, A Story about Nun Nine.

    If you interested, please contact me and I will arrange a promo code.

    All the best Jane.

  5. Jane,
    Your books sound great! I will be sure to check them out, my IPad 2 arrived today!!!!!
    Laura R.