Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another Book Road Trip

Sorry it took so long to post this (Blogger crashed), but Friday, May 6, I left school early and Mom (she is so amazing to do this for me!) drove me to Blue Marble Children's Bookstore in Fort Thomas, Kentuky.  The book store was AWESOME!!!  Kathyrn Erskine was doing a book signing in an upstair's room (it was decorated like the board book Good Night Moon, see photos that are soooo AMAZING) and she had invited me to come and see her as well as stay for a dinner afterwards.  The day before she had been in Indiana, but it was hard to get to because of traffic and it was my mom's birthday, so we decided to come Friday instead.  Downstairs were all of the books (cool!) and I had a great time picking some that I had been looking for for a while (including Quaking) and buying them.  Then we went up and I had a copy of Mockingbird signed for my school library club (I already have one signed to me).  The conversations at dinner were about writing and school.  I learned a lot about writing.  It was kind of like going to a writing class because there was talk about going to them and what the message was in lots of different classes.  I had a wonderful time and came home with more books to try and jam on my shelf.(Mom, if you read this, it DOES NOT mean that I need to get rid of my books.  It means I need another bookshelf, but I already have too many in my room and other furniture items that have turned into bookshelves.)  All in all, I had a magnificant time.

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  1. I'm glad you got to go to this! We just finished Mockingbird in my book club, but even though we all live within a half-hour of the Blue Marble none of the kids went. So kudos to you and your mom for making the trek! I've gotta be honest, though - you really should check out the Blue Manatee, which is in my old neighborhood (Oakley) and is the BEST children's bookstore in Cincinnati. I may be biased because my wife works there!
    -Sam B. from Cincinnati