Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Momma Left Me

What Momma Left Me is a really sad book.  REALLY sad.  I liked it a lot, but it was way too sad for me.  The characters were well developed but I just can't get past how sad they were and how sad they made me feel.  It took me a few weeks to read this book because I couldn't sit down and read it for a long time because it made me want to cry.  If you can't handle sad stories, I recommend not reading this book.  Otherwise, read it.  What Momma Left Me is written very well and it has a great plot.  Everything else about this book is wonderful, but I recommend it for older kids and adults because it is so sad. :`-(

Rating:  ****


  1. Dear Laura

    I love your blog, especially the comments on the Newberry books and on your trip to the White House. When my daughter was your age (she's 20 now) we were in a mother-daughter book club and I was introduced to many wonderful books (many on your lists) that had been written since I was young -- it was neat! I am so glad you got to go to the White House to explain why Medicaid is so important -- what a great advocate! I am going to DC (the Capitol) next week to say the same thing to our Congressmen and Senators. I work at a children's hospital and see first hand what a difference it makes for so many of our kids and their families.

    Keep up (the reading and the advocacy!) the good work.

    Best regards

  2. Was this one you got from me? Sorry if I didn't warn you about this one, Laura! =/
    -Sam B. from Cincinnati

  3. Laura,

    I am a recent college grad volunteering for a year in public schools in South Carolina. My degree is in English and I want to be a teacher, probably at a middle school. It is so inspiring to hear about someone your age that is so INTENSELY in love with reading that you blog about it! I am beyond impressed with your dedication and I wish that I had read as much as you do when I was your age.

    Sometimes the sad books are good to make us really appreciate the ones that make us happy!