Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Lemonade Crime

My favorite part of this book was the last chapter, but I won't tell you about it because it is the end.  I really liked the twins in this book.  Jessie reminds me of myself in some ways.  She really knows a lot about law, and when I go to college  I want to study law because it seems interesting. The way Jessie sets up the court is really accurate and interesting.  It would be nice if there were kids courts, but those courts would have to have some more order and a truth detector.  Jessie and Evan's court was well planned but everything fell apart when it started.  Maybe a grownup to keep things orderly is in order?  Over all, I really like this book and I think that lots of kids grades 2-6 would enjoy it.

Rating:  *****

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