Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bless This Mouse

Lowis Lowry, 2 time Newbery winner, is an author who you always have to check on.  This year's new book by her is very different from her past winners, Giver and Number the Starts, but worth reading.  I read this book in just a few hours, but all of them were on airplanes.  We had to switch planes in Philadelphia on our way from DC to Minneapolis, and one of the flight attendants on the 1st plane told me that I had to finish the book before I got off the plane.  He was joking, but, coincidentally, I did finish it before we reached our destination for the day.  I think this is the sweetest chapter book I've ever read.  It was written in a way and about a topic that would suggest that it was a children's book (and could someone please explain to me why SO many children's books are mouse stories), but the length was that of a chapter book.  It was a nice break to read a cute, sweet mouse story instead of sad and tragic stories like I have read recently.  I don't think this will bring Ms Lowry a third Newbery winner, but it is worth reading and interesting to see how one author can write so many different kinds of books.

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