Friday, August 19, 2011


When I started reading this book last summer, it really confused me.  After a few chapters, I put it down and told myself I would come back to it sometime soon.  Last week I got  around to reading it again. I started over and read for an hour, and after that things started to make sense.  Another half hour and I was really into the book.  After reading about M and his dad and their obsession with Exley's A Fans Notes, I really want to read the book.  Although I am pretty sure that the book is really inappropriate, from what M's mom had to say about it.  Has anyone read the book?  If so, do you think I should?  I think that Exley would be a great book for any kid or adult ages 12+.  I wonder if the experience of reading it is different if you have read A Fans Notes first...

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