Thursday, September 8, 2011

Adventures In Cartooning

This comic book is probably my favorite graphic novel,   Although I really liked Countdown, too.  I know you could argue that Countdown is not a graphic novel, but what is it? 
In this case I loved the story about the story approach.  How does a cartoon about cartooning make sense? I don't know, but these authors (who are really more illustrators) made it work. My favorite panel was the very last one, after the cartooning tricks and draw-your-own cartoon, when the dragon tells about his not-so-happy happily ever after.  Reading this book inspired me to draw my own cartoon,  but I didn't know what to make it about so it was remarkably similar to the one in the book. I think everyone should read this great book and maybe even draw a cartoon of your own!

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  1. Agreed - It's a great one!
    You should share your drawing :)