Monday, September 12, 2011

Small Acts of Amazing Courage

I think that this book has a perfect title. India is fighting for it's freedom with lots of small acts of amazing courage, and so is Rosy's Aunt Louise. Rosalind gets into so much trouble along the way, but she was determined to help with her own small acts of amazing courage. My favorite small act of courage in this book was when Rosalind bought Nadi, but I also really liked when Aunt Louise got her own checkbook and started to think about what she really wanted for her life and how she would get there. The two characters I didn't like were Aunt Ethyl (she was so mean to Aunt Louise, like England was being to India) and Rosalind's mother. The reason I didn't like her was that she had absolutely no courage. She could have at least let Rosy stay in England after she had arrived, even if she wasn't courageous enough to send her there without Rosalind's father forcing her to. If so many people around you are showing so much courage, can't you show a little too? I really, really liked this book, and I recommend it to everyone. It is perfect way for each of us to think about the way we can act with amazing courage in our own lives.

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  1. I think this book will be a good one. The cover catches my eye, but so does the summmery i read. I've got this book on hold and I'm ready to read!