Monday, September 19, 2011

Two Minute Drill

I'm not really one to read sports books at all, let alone football books, but I have read two this week.  They are the only two football books I have every read, but it is a start.  Two Minute Drill is a 2012 Young Hoosier Book Award nominee, which is how it made it on to my "to read list". Being a non sports obsessed 11-year-old girl I didn't understand a lot of the talk about the plays and other parts of the technical football stuff.  I did, however, like the story because it is sort of related to reading.  Jim and Chris's unlikely friendship and the experience of dealing with a learning disability make this book a enjoyable read.  It is short and easy to read, like lots of books aimed at boys, and girls will like it.


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  1. Laura, I don't gravitate toward sports books either. I have a few on my "To Be Read" pile but they keep staying at the bottom of the pile.

    Of course it's good for us to read outside our comfort zone once in a while! Proud of you!