Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Horn Book Magazine

When I received the July/August issue of the Horn Book from 2011 Newbery committee member Sam B., I was really excited. I have always wanted to read an issue of this magazine, but this is pretty much the perfect one for me because it is all about book awards, something you all know I am crazy about. Probably the most exciting part of reading it was seeing my own name mentioned in Rita Williams-Garcia's acceptance speech. You might remember that Rita won my Mock Newbery last year, but in the real world she got a Newbery Honor and won the Coretta Scott King Award. Sam and I agree that the woman who wrote "Confessions of an Awards Committee Addict" is totally and completely me in 20 years. One of my other favorites was "What Makes a Good Newbery Novel?". I think that the aurora answer to that question is pretty much as good as it gets. I would add humanity as one of the top aspects, though, because one of the things that sets Newberys apart is the fact that they all have that tie to the main character's humanity. But what else do you think makes a Newbery a Newbery?

I really enjoyed reading this magazine, so thanks again Sam B.!!!


  1. Sound like a magazine I'd love to read.
    I think a great voice is essential for a Newbery but that's closely linked to humanity, I think.

  2. Hurray - I'm glad you like it! Best magazine in the biz, hands down!
    -Sam B from Cincinnati