Thursday, January 5, 2012

Flesh & Blood So Cheap

I was looking forward to reading this book because I really like history. My dad is a history teacher, and I sometimes read history text books for fun. I love historical fiction and I really like social justice.  You would think this would mean that I would LOVE this book, and the fact that it had made it onto some folks Newbery short list made me even more interested.  Despite all of this, I was not a big fan.  It took a LONG time to get into, and you didn't get connected to the personal story of the people impacted.  I am sure that I learned lots by reading it and I will connect parts of what I learned to other things, but I can't say this is anywhere close to my favorite.  I like to read some nonfiction when thinking about the Newbery, but this would not be on my list of contenders this year.  If a non fiction book should be considered I would pick Amelia Lost.

Rating:  **

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  1. I have the same thought about this book. The information was good, and the content is important to know, but the presentation didn't personalize it much. I was not connected very well either though I wanted to be.

    I loved Amelia Lost and felt like I got to know her a bit more through the book. It made me care.