Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Broke My Trunk!

First, who doesn't LOVE Mo Willems? He is GREAT and he co-hosts the Book Cart Drilll Team contest at ALA with Jon Scieszka which is one of the best things I have ever seen. Early reader picture books don't often win the Newbery, but the award is for books of children 0-14 so, they are in contention.  And don't forget that Frog and Toad was an Honor book.  I was excited to see this short story on many lists, and I am spending more time with picture books lately because I have two young cousins.  One challenge when thinking about this book in terms of character development is that it is part of a series, so most readers know Elephant Gerald and Piggy before they open the book.  I like this circle story, it was good fun and kids can connect to many parts of it.  I LOVE the illustrations,but there are all the challenges around the Newbery rules about illustrations and how they can be considered.  I LOVE that the story continues in the illustrations on the end pages.  I am not sure I would fight for this book to win the Newbery (you know they really should let me on the committee), but I do highly recommend it.

Rating:  *****

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