Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Center of Everything

As I have been reading this novel, it was know in my mind and to those around me as "the donut book", and that is the reflection of a great first line!  "In the beginning there was the donut", starts this novel, and I was amused, and interested from the start.  Ruby, had a major regret, something that kids and adults can identify with.  Ruby's desire to make things that way they are "supposed to be" drove the story.  We all spend endless time trying to follow rules, and achieve to make things the way they are supposed to be, this novel give us a chance to consider if that is the best use of life.  I liked the story, with our without my new title, but even it is not my lead for the Newbery it is worth a read for kids and adults!  And eating donuts while you read could not hurt! 

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