Monday, January 3, 2011

My Newbery Pick

I have been reading great books all year and blogging as I went.  I have had the chance hear others talk about many of the books I loved  both at ALA and by participating in Mock Newberys.  I like talking about books so much that I even hosted one for kids near me.  Now it is time to share my personal picks.  Drum roll please.........One Crazy Summer is my winner this year.  I LOVED this book when I read it, it challenged me to think about parents (especially mothers) in new ways, it helped me learn about important parts of American History, but beyond that I was captured by the characters and the story.  I cared so much about these sisters and felt their experiences (kinda amazing because I am a 10 year old, white girl living in the middle of nowhere Indiana in 2010/11).  And I LOVED how poetry was part of the story and part of the writing. I was right with my Newbery prediction last year and if I am right again I will be cheering for Rita on Monday January 10th.
As for Honor books my picks are:
Out of My Mind

If someone wanted to sneak this into the voting room at Midwinter I would not be mad :)

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